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Selfieera is an Indian social networking Short Video App

About Us

Selfieera is the Indian social networking platform, a fast-growing Bangalore-based startup company. We are proud to be an “Atmanirbhar Bharath ki Apni Technology”. The Founder of Selfieera is a young College Engineer who started at the end of the year 2019. Who is the deep passionate about ‘Science and Technology, with his great research and innovation, is ‘Selfieera’. Our Mission and Vision are “Connecting the World” and make human communication much easier for the user experience on powerful media to entertain everyone in a memorable way. We provide radio broadcasting in the regional language of the user’s choice. Selfieera discovers the human interest very closely with every aspect of their lifestyle, which drives to deliver the best in the B2C Global market. We understand that people love authenticity, which fastest way to connect with human beings. We always engage with directing much-wanted traffic back to our platform. We are developing our App with well-experienced Software Engineers, Web Developers, Data Scientists, and Graphic Designers. We have developed, and, also we have developed our own product called ‘Bangalore Font’. We are offering our service to the customer for entertainment millions of videos, Comedy, News, Information, and Technology. We provide to our users can write their personal autobiography on our selfietextbook web page. Our motto is to keep everyone happy, laughing, and having fun forever. “With every touch, we deliver happiness” through our App.

Our Mission

To revolutionize human communication and build future internet technology to make human life much easier.

Our Vision

Vision- "Connecting the world..." and making human communication much easier.

Our Team

Our Team Members

  • Deepak Tiwari

    Hi, I am Deepak Tiwari.Professionaly, I am an Engineer and Android Developer .

  • Manish Tiwari

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  • Anitha K

    Hi,i am Anitha HR executive at selfieera group. To know pursue a demanding HR role within a reputed firm with the approach to take up responsibilities to accomplish organisational goals where in my skills and potentials are being utilized to the maximum alongside focusing on the scope of enhancing my personal skills and gaining maximum knowledge during my tenure to contribute to the growth of the firm.

  • Abdul Qadir

    I am Abdul Qadir . I'm a full-stack web developer responsible for end-to-end web app development and creative software engineering lead two teams of five employees each. I have 4 years of experience in the IT sector. I'm working on multiple languages like Core PHP, MySQL, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc. Drove the best implementation across multiple departments like IT, Support, etc.

  • Ravi

    Hey folks, I am Ravi and I work as a marketer for Selfieera. I create engaging marketing campaigns and sales points for our product. We aim to reach our Selfieera for billions and we will.

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Selfieera App

Short Video App

Selfieera(Selfiee) is an Indian social networking and short platform where users can make short videos.


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